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12 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Sonneteer Bard USB review

It may look like something Patrick McGoohan might have run from but the BardUSB is one of the most fuss-free...
05 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Technics SL-1210 Mk2 review

The benchmark DJ turntable against which all others will be judged, the classic SL-1210 Mk2 is still going strong
05 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 review

It’s the CD deck favoured by the world’s best DJs, but can the CDJ-1000MK3 really out perform its gadget-laden rivals?
02 November 2007 / 5:00GMT

Ableton Live 6 LE review

Ableton’s music production, mixing, looping and DJ software is now available as a lighter, more affordable package
18 January 2007 / 6:00GMT

Toshiba HD-E1 review

The first HD-DVD player we tested, this high-definition disc spinner is now showing its age…
15 November 2006 / 6:00GMT

Simaudio Moon i-7 review

One for the big boys. It’s expensive, loud and looks like it means business. Does it close the deal?
01 November 2006 / 6:00GMT

Onkyo TX-NR5000E review

Does the daddy of all AV receivers warrant its mighty price tag?
04 October 2006 / 6:00BST

Sony STR-DA1200ES review

Can the new Sony AV receiver match substance to its already well-established style pedigree?
27 September 2006 / 6:00BST

Wilson Benesch The Full Circle review

If you’re going to fork out two grand, you’ll be expecting a decent turntable. Will The Full Circle do you...
18 September 2006 / 6:00BST

Clearaudio Master Reference review

The Clearaudio Master Reference is a weighty monster at 50kg, but its bespoke build rewards an affectionate owner with a...