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03 November 2012 / 17:01GMT

Amazon Kindle 2012 review

Is this still the Kindle you're looking for? Or has the basic Kindle's thunder been completely stolen by the Paperwhite?...
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
05 October 2012 / 11:07BST

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review

It's the biggest upgrade to ebook readers since the first Amazon Kindle – but does the Kindle Paperwhite burn bright?
04 November 2011 / 17:26GMT

Kobo Touch review

Can WH Smith take on the might of Amazon's Kindle with its new ebook reader, the Kobo Touch? Find out...
13 October 2011 / 15:03BST

Amazon Kindle 2011 review

Smaller, lighter and dumber – welcome to ebooks for the masses
25 November 2010 / 0:00GMT

Amazon Kindle 2010 review

The best-value ebook reader around, to say nothing of its absurd desirability
25 November 2010 / 0:00GMT

Sony Reader PRS-650 review

A delicious-looking slither of technology – but with the Kindle over £90 cheaper, can the PRS-650 compete?
10 September 2010 / 6:00BST

iRiver Cover Story review

iRiver’s second e-reader has Sony’s Pocket Edition in its sights. But is it worth buying?
23 June 2010 / 6:00BST

5 of the best ebook readers

So you’re heading off on holiday and shopping for books for some poolside reading. STOP! Don’t invest in a load...