This tank-like wheelchair blasts over snow at 22mph

What happens when you combine tank treads with two 21 horsepower electric motors? Something awesome, that's what

Der Zeisel. It means 'the ground squirrel' in German, apparently, and it's the name given to this monster of a wheelchair which will tear through any terrain (short of lava).

Snow, sand, mud, stones – you name it, Der Zeisel can handle it, thanks two its twin tank treads and two 21 horsepower electric disc motors which churn out 31 pound-feet of torque, reaching speeds of 22mph.

Tearing through powder

You can kit it out with headlights too if you like, and it's even got a roll bar in case things get a little too hectic. 

It's been used to plough fields and haul gear around in the snow, and its battery lasts around five hours per charge.

It'll set you back a pretty penny if you want one for yourself though - prices start at US$30,000, with upgrades like headlights costing extra.

[Der Zeisel via DVICE]

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