Shady summer: 11 pairs of sunglasses that’ll transform your look

Act Two

The Cabana Boy – Maui Jim Kawika

Hawaiian sunglasses brand Maui Jim offers a wide range of shades, but none more beautifully and elegantly retro than the Kawika. Putting on a pair will transport your brain instantly to a poolside bar, pina colada in hand and bellowing “Mahalo!” to bikini-clad passers-by.

The Reader – Bailey Nelson Wallace

Bringing to mind the bookish cloisters and sun-dappled quads of a red-brick university, these will make you look dashing, inquisitive and intelligent – even if the last thing you read was a BuzzFeed list whilst sitting on the toilet.

Spy Hards – Hardy Amies Clifton

Angular 1960s elegance is the name of the game here. It’s a weekend in Prague tailing a double agent (keep your receipts), it’s umbrellas with poison tips, it’s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. In our humble opinion, the sharpest pair of sunglasses here.

Dictator Chic – Serengeti Aerial

Coming out like a pair of rimmed Aviators, the Aerials have something of a 1970s banana republic about them. Think stellar cigars, swaying palm trees, good rum and rampant corruption at all levels of government.

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