Shady summer: 11 pairs of sunglasses that’ll transform your look

Act Three

Yacht Rockers – Silhouette Adventurer

These pilot’s shades are timeless – although if you want to channel a linen-suited Don Johnson circa 1985 perching them on your schnoz they will do you no harm whatsoever.

Riviera High-Rollers – Bollé Clint

Chuck these tortoiseshell stunners on as you slide into the spotless white leather interior of your Bentley Continental Convertible and prepare to cruise along the Monte Carlo waterfront. You’re a playboy and you’re wearing a $100 pair of sunglasses. Boom.

Only 90s Kids – Oakley Breadbox

These Oakleys have more than a whiff of the early Van Damme action movie about them: bold, brash, bulky, yet possessed of an unmistakable late 80s/early 90s charm.

Hungry, Hungry Hipsters – Ray-Ban Leather Wayfarer

The perfect shades for culturally clued up residents of hip, rapidly-gentrifying neighbourhoods. Wayfarers are a bona fide classic, of course, but the twist here is that these ones are leather-clad. Guaranteed to get your some dirty looks as your stroll into that new pop-up vegan microbrewery.

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