Stuff's gadget gripes: when tech drives us to distraction

6. Region-locking

Because no-one should be allowed to buy a film or video game in the USA and reasonably expect it to play in Europe. That’s just crazy talk. The worst contenders? Streaming video sites that will happily let you sit through their unskippable adverts before telling you that "This content cannot be viewed in your region for copyright reasons."

7. Forced software installs

Install this toolbar! (We’re looking at you, Java). Install this software you don’t need! (We’re looking at you, Apple — and also quite a lot of other naughty companies).

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8. Stupid default save locations

Cheers, expensive piece of software, for assuming that because I recently opened the trash, that’s where I wanted to save my latest work. Or is that a veiled comment on its worth?

9. Bad software defaults

Apple forcing you to manually turn on the right-click button on its oh-so-minimalist mouse. Downloading files from IE in Windows 8 and swapping back and forth between Metro to deal with them. Anything where you manually save – because it’s not the 1990s. Argh!

10. Telephone mazes

Press one for some options! Press two for yet more options! Press three for several more options! Awkwardly say "Yes" and "No" out loud to the automated voice on the other end of the line! Throw your phone out of the window!


Don't you just love it when you sit down to watch one of you're favourite programs on a catch up TV service, have to sit through adverts that you blatantly ignore anyway, just to realise when the show starts that you've already seen that one. You select the right episode and have to sit through the same excruciating adverts again! Suddenly pirating looks like an attractive alternative once again.

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