Stuff's gadget gripes: when tech drives us to distraction

11. Faxes

Just because.

12. Captchas

“We need to ensure computers can’t get through this cunning registration form!” And, apparently, 97 per cent of humans, too!

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13. Pre-installed bloatware

Everyone loves cleaning their new shiny tech toy of junk they never wanted! Except when it can’t be removed — everyone loves that even more! Has anyone actually used Apple's Stocks app?

14. Dial-up

The magical world of the internet, yours (very slowly) for a monthly fee, the price of a local call, and blocking your phone line. Magic.

15. Browser plug-ins

Sorry, but you can’t expect to watch this amazing content, because we’ve hidden it behind adverts that utilise a plug-in no-one cares about any more! See also: browsing any site that requires Flash on an iPhone.


Don't you just love it when you sit down to watch one of you're favourite programs on a catch up TV service, have to sit through adverts that you blatantly ignore anyway, just to realise when the show starts that you've already seen that one. You select the right episode and have to sit through the same excruciating adverts again! Suddenly pirating looks like an attractive alternative once again.

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