Stuff's gadget gripes: when tech drives us to distraction

From Ctrl-Alt-Delete to unskippable adverts, we've rounded up the 20 most annoying hoops that tech manufacturers force us to jump through

Technology is fantastic – except when it’s not. For every iPad, ZX Spectrum and super-smart TV, we’re lumbered with something incredibly stupid — very often a feature of the same devices we love so much.

The Stuff team racked its brains to come up with the most insanely inane tech hoops we’ve been forced to jump through, got terribly angry, smashed up the office for a bit, and then – bruised, bloodied and with bits of desk sticking out of its ears – cobbled together this list. If there are any rage-inducing tech annoyances that we’ve missed, comment below and stoke the fires of our anger.

Warning: contains sarcasm

1. Ctrl-Alt-Delete

Because finger gymnastics are clearly the best solution to soft-rebooting a PC, rather than a button. 

2. Software authorisation

Lenslok! Stupidly long serial numbers! Online activation! Marvellous work, software companies, for punishing honest punters!

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3. Colour-only printing

Run out of colour ink? Want to print a black and white document? How about I, your trusty printer, force you to go and buy a colour ink cartridge for no reason? Mwahahaha.

4. Online doorslams

You visit a mobile site. Immediately: WOULD YOU LIKE TO DOWNLOAD OUR APP? No. Sod off. And then there are the joys of being redirected to the mobile front page when you click on a direct link…  

5. Unskippable content

Yes, your logo is lovely, dear movie studio, but must I really sit through it again? And those three-year-old adverts? And those trailers for other films I already own? And those ads warning of the dire consequences of piracy that, ironically, pirates aren't forced to sit through?

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Don't you just love it when you sit down to watch one of you're favourite programs on a catch up TV service, have to sit through adverts that you blatantly ignore anyway, just to realise when the show starts that you've already seen that one. You select the right episode and have to sit through the same excruciating adverts again! Suddenly pirating looks like an attractive alternative once again.

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