Stuff's Alternative Christmas TV Schedule


It's pitch black outside, the sitting room is discarded with bits of cast-off wrapping paper, and the kids are in bed. Time to fire up some more age-appropriate fare for the grown-ups.

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Die Hard (Now TV)

It's been billed as an "alternative Christmas movie" for so long now that it's starting to feel more festive than It's A Wonderful Life. Die Hard's action-movie heroics are still a great antidote to all the saccharine, sentimental piffle that's cluttering up the airwaves on the regular TV channels, though – particularly Alan Rickman's withering turn as villain Hans Gruber.

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Black Christmas (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video)

He sees you when you're sleeping… this vintage horror movie finds a group of sorority sisters terrorised by a mystery killer. But this is no hackneyed hack 'em up – it's the original slasher movie, which (along with the similarly holiday-themed Halloween) begat the genre that spawned a thousand masked killers. Dated? Unquestionably. But it's a piece of horror movie history.

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