Stuff's Alternative Christmas TV Schedule

Can't face the seasonal TV line-up? Switch on your streaming service and dial up some of these movies instead of watching The Great Escape for the umpteenth time

Christmas Day TV listings are numbingly predictable.

Look at this year's spread: Carry On films, Herbie Goes Bananas, Home Alone 2 and – with metronome inevitiablity – soap specials. And you can't even go out and pick up a Blu-ray. Not to worry, though: we've rounded up a selection of movies from streaming services to add some fizz to your festive viewing.


You've been rudely awakened by the kids leaping up and down on your bed. Blearily, you haul yourself downstairs to oversee the unwrapping of presents, and maybe fix some breakfast.

They're still jumping up and down. You need a distraction. Here it is.

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Turbo F.A.S.T. (Netflix)

Netflix's first ever original kids' series, this cartoon picks up where Dreamworks film Turbo left off, with the titular super-speedy snail assembling a stunt team to take on all-comers. Expect the usual Dreamworks concoction of bright colours and sassy characters – if nothing else it'll wake you up. 


Cars 2 (Netflix, Blinkbox)

The sequel to Pixar's hit animated film takes racing car Lightning McQueen and his chums on a globetrotting adventure, complete with spies, a world grand prix and an all-star cast including everyone from Michael Caine to Eddie Izzard. Watch, and puzzle over where all the humans are. Did the cars kill them? Is this the aftermath of the great human/vehicle wars?

Blinkbox (from £8 to buy)

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