Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 24/08/12

Microsoft has a new logo, Adidas have tweeting trainers, Total Annihilation has a sequel – Office Cat has you covered

Microsoft’s new logo

Microsoft is trying to prove it's hip to be square, and like an aging man who's grown his hair into a ponytail and gone under the knife, it's changed its look – with a new logo that's less saggy and floppy, and more angular. Office Cat reckons it’s all part of preparations for the launch of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface. He’s usually right.

Adidas has teamed up with British designer Nash Money to create a pair of social media trainers, which Office Cat can only assume are aimed squarely at Nathan Barley. Actually, they're to celebrate the use of social media in the London Olympics – the kicks feature a small screen that lets the wearer display tweets from adoring fans just before they start racing, in a totally non-distracting way. Or maybe they’re for people who like to stretch while reading their mate’s "well brown" tweets. Totally Mexico.

Source: DesignBoom

Rockstar Games is cheerfully milking our anticipation for Grand Theft Auto V, releasing new images from the game in dribs and drabs. A few more cropped up today – check them all out here.

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Adidas tweeting trainers

If, back in the dim and distant past, you remember commanding armies of robots in RTS classic Total Annihilation – you'll love this. Some of the people behind that game have come up with a "spiritual sequel" called Planetary Annihilation – and with US$700,000 of its US$900,000 goal raised on Kickstarter already, it looks like we'll be leading our legions into space again. Planetary Annihilation, as the name suggests, ups the scale of the destruction – even letting you turn asteroids into rocket propelled weapons to destroy entire planets. Office Cat prefers chess, but can see the appeal of knocking all the pieces over.

Source: Dvice

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