Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 21/12/2012

On Office Cat's agenda today: Porsche BlackBerrys, changes at Facebook and Instagram says sorry

BlackBerry P’9981 Black rolls out of Porsche Design

Office Cat is miffed: it seems the bunker he had been spending the last three years stocking with Whiskas, long life milk and kitty litter was a huge waste of time. Oh well, at least there’s a new BlackBerry phone to cheer him up! It’s another one of those posh Porsche Design models, the P’9981. Yes, the last Porche BlackBerry was called the same, but they’ve added “Black” to the name this time. Anyway, it’s got a 1.2GHz processor, 8GB of storage plus a 16GB microSD card in the box, BlackBerry OS 7.1, an “exclusive BBM PIN” and a custom-designed interface. Looks nice enough – but with the inevitable wallet-spanking price tag (the last one cost about £1,200), Office Cat is more excited about the upcoming BlackBerry London

Source: Pocket-lint

Facebook becomes even more of a drag (and drop)

Office Cat doesn’t truck with Facebook since his mum added him and started “liking” all the pictures of him out on the town, but the millions of you who remain in thrall to Zuckerberg’s monstrous online empire might like to know that drag and drop has been added to the social network, making it much easier to add photos. If it’s not working for you already, it will be soon.

Source: The Verge

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Instagram adds new filter to say sorry for trying to exploit you and make mad bucks off your photos

Instagram made everybody angry by changing its terms of service the other day, but it’s all OK: by way of an apology, the photo service has been given a new filter (it’s called “Mayfair” – incidentally the name of Office Cat’s favourite magazine after Stuff) and, er, login via Facebook. Instagram has reversed its plans to make all your photos usable in ads for free, and founder Kevin Systrom has issued an apology as well as a promise that Instagram has “no plans to sell your photos”.

Source: Instagram blog

Kindle Singles now available in the UK

Rejoice, fans of the written word, because Kindle Singles – short stories and long articles that don’t really “fit” anywhere else – are now available at the Amazon UK store. Priced between 99p and £1.99, these pieces come from both new and established authors, and can net independent writers up to 70 percent royalties on download sales (one previously unpublished US writer has made US$148,000 in 18 months through just four Kindle Singles). Click here to take a look-see.

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