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23 July 2012 / 12:46BST

Linn Kiko review

Linn Kiko takes the lifestyle route for the latest model in its DS music-streaming line-up with active speakers and a...
23 July 2012 / 11:09BST

Samsung STB-E7500 review

Can a networked media hub be sexy? Samsung’s STB-E7500 aims to break the mould
27 March 2012 / 17:11BST

Apple TV review

Apple’s new set-top box looks just like the old one, but it’s stuffed full of new tricks that give it...
31 October 2011 / 22:34GMT

Sonos Play:3 review

Can the latest gadget from the wireless streaming pioneer compete with its AirPlay-packing rivals?
23 March 2011 / 16:11GMT

Sony SMP-N100 review

Apple TV aside, most media streamers are aimed at knowledgeable enthusiast, not first-timers. So which camp does Sony’s SMP-N100 belong...
16 December 2010 / 0:00GMT

D-Link Boxee Box review

D-Link’s Boxee Box marries streaming with local media player capabilities – but can it down the Apple TV?
19 October 2010 / 6:00BST

Apple TV 2010 review

Apple TV has been reinvented: now it’s tiny-small and provides a simplified interface between iTunes and your TV. But does...
22 May 2010 / 6:00BST

LaCie LaCinema Classic HD review

A 1TB hard drive and HD streaming for under 200 quid? It’s all here, and LaCie's injected a fair bit...