Streaming reviews

Sony SMP-N100

4 stars
Apple TV aside, most media streamers are aimed at knowledgeable enthusiast, not first-timers. So which camp does Sony’s SMP-N100 belong to?

Apple TV 2010

4 stars
Apple TV has been reinvented: now it’s tiny-small and provides a simplified interface between iTunes and your TV. But does it do enough?

Olive 4HD

5 stars
A fantastic piece of 21st-century hi-fi, this hard-disk music server delivers amazing sound

Philips NP2900

4 stars
Philips' classy new Streamium holds the key to freeing your PC's music collection. But has it got enough to unlock your wallet?

Sonos BU250

5 stars
The venerable Sonos has had a few hardware tweaks – including a stonking new controller. Time to bin that iPod Touch?
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