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30 October 2009/5:00GMT

Exposure lights review

Can the high light output of these LED wonders justify their cost?
16 July 2009/6:00BST

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 review

The Dura-Ace Di2 brings nifty electronic gear shifting. It's fast, it's accurate, but by heck it's pricey
23 April 2009/6:00BST

SteriPEN Traveler review

Clean drinking water can be hard to find in the back of beyond, but the SteriPen can zap nasty bugs...
22 April 2009/6:00BST

Leatherman Skeletool CX review

This multi-tool wouldn’t look out of place on Batman’s utility belt – and if the Dark Knight hasn’t got one already,...
20 April 2009/6:00BST

Lippi Selk Bag review

The Selk Bag is a cross between a baby-grow and a sleeping bag for roasty-toasty, free-range camping
18 April 2009/6:00BST

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower review

Keeping yourself in hygienic nick when camping isn’t easy – unless you pack this simple, compact solution to camping cleanliness...
16 April 2009/6:00BST

MSR Hubba HP Tent review

MSR’s two-man tent uses a clever poling system to give you extra headroom, and is hardy enough to survive pesky...