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Sony Xperia SP

Sony Xperia SP video review

The Xperia Z may be hogging the Sony smartphone limelight at the moment, but Sony is also focusing its efforts on those who want a fully capable smartphone experience without the premium price tag...
Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV

Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV rapid review

Sony wants to revolutionise your TV with its little black box, which promises to do for your TV what it's done for your smartphone - bring apps, Internet smarts, entertainment portals and convenience to you living room.
Sony Vaio Duo 11

Sony Vaio Duo 11 video preview

Part Ultrabook, part tablet, Sony’s Vaio Duo 11 is among the first wave of shape-shifting Windows 8 tablets unveiled at IFA. But is the convergence of tablet and PC is such a good thing? Watch our video review and find out.
Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony Xperia Tablet S video preview

That fold-over profile may look familiar, but Sony's Xperia Tablet S has had a do-over. It's thinner, slicker and it makes for great eye candy – so if it didn't grab your attention the first time round, perhaps the newer model will change your mind. Check out our video preview and see what you think.
Sony Xperia P

Sony Xperia P video review

Like all Xperia smarties, the Sony Xperia P is still waiting for its taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. In the mean time, it has loads of other features for you to sink your teeth into. But it it worth going for over the high end Xperia S? Our video review will help you make up your mind.
Sony Xperia S

CES 2012 – Sony Xperia S

The Xperia S marks the dawn of a new generation of smartphones from the Sony stable that have scrapped the Sony Ericsson branding, allowing Sony to go it alone. Not only does the Xperia S boast a handsome design, it's got some pretty clever tricks up its sleeve, too.
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