Ultimate setup: Sony Xperia Z2

Sony SRS-BTM8 Bluetooth/NFC speaker (£90)

Sony’s handbag-aping Bluetooth speaker might look a tad odd, but it’s quickly found a place on our list of favourite smartphone accessories – and it comes at a bargain price. Thanks to NFC, it pairs painlessly with your Xperia Z2 (and most other Android phones) and, once connected, delivers surprisingly effective sound for a small, battery-powered device: weighty and detailed. It runs off four AA batteries, so you can use it pretty much anywhere.

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Netflix account (£7/month)

Take advantage of the Xperia Z2’s wondrous 5.2in screen – arguably the best display on a smartphone right now – by using it to watch Netflix’s wide selection of movies, documentaries and TV series. You can even do so in the bath or jacuzzi, thanks to the phone’s waterproof body. And this one goes perfectly with our previous Chromecast recommendation, of course.

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Sony SmartBand SWR10 (£80)

A waterproof “life-logging” wristband that automatically records all your activities, whether they’re physical, social or media-related. Communicating with your Z2 (or any Android phone) via Bluetooth, it’ll wake you up at the optimum time (determining that by your sleep patterns), vibrate when there’s an incoming call, text or notification and allow you to play, pause and skip tracks in your music player.

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