PSP Go gets price drop already

The PSP Go has been on the shelves less than a week but already a whole host of retailers are dropping the price below Sony’s MSRP.Appearing on

PSP Go hits shops today

We first got our hands on it when it was announced at E3 back in June, and today Sony’s PSP Go finally hits the shelves in the UK.Coming in an e

Sony PSPgo

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Ditching the disc slot and adopting a new slider form, the PSPgo marks a radical shift for Sony’s portable gamer. But has it slimmed down too far?

Unboxed – Sony PSP Go

The worst kept secret of E3 2009, Sony's PSP Go, is preparing itself for a European launch on October 1st, but it took time out from its busy schedule

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E3 2009: PSP Go gets official

Sony's just gone all official on us here at E3, confirming what we've all known since Saturday – the PSP Go is on its way.As expected, there's 1
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