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Need to know – Sony PSP 2 (aka NGP)

Hot on the heels of Nintendo’s 3DS launch event, Sony’s ripped the covers off its next-gen PlayStation Portable, the PSP 2 (or NGP). In short, it’s on

Rumour mill – Sony PSP2

While nothing official has been announced by Sony, the online rumour mill is churning up some hot conjecture-flour about the next generation of the PS

Tomorrow is PSP Europe day!

As of midnight tonight, you'll be able to buy legal European PSPs for around £180 or €250. But you'd better start queuing - it's believed that just 150,000 units of the must-have portable gaming deck will be available in the UK, and most of them will be s

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PSP gets web browser

Phew, you won't have to hack your PSP to death. Sony's adding a full HTML web browser in a firmware update in just six days' time - plus AAC support, a wallpaper feature and loads more

They all do that, mate

Like some sort of multinational used car salesman, Sony has made the spectacular claim that we should expect dead pixels on the PSP's LCD. We, of course, are a bit miffed
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