This sleek electric superbike floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

Spanish bike maker Bultaco returns from a 31-year hiatus with a pair of battery-powered beasts

Bultaco… does that comes with a side order of jalapeños and sour cream?
Sadly not. But although this isn’t the delicious meat and bread-based supper you’re lusting, the subject is equally spicy. And equally as delicious. 

Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Bultaco has announced its return to the two-wheel scene with a pair of futuristic electric superbikes. The angular, streetfighter-style offering is dubbed the Rapitan and the squat little track bike is badged the Rapitan Sport.

We’ve never heard of them.  Should we be excited?
Bultaco’s 1960s Sherpa T model is widely regarded as one of the most durable and capable off-road bikes ever built, and the firm continued to create critically acclaimed mud-pluggers right up until the factory closed in 1983.

It’s great to see such an iconic motorcycle brand resurrected, even if the latest products are battery powered.

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It all sounds very futuristic, but will they be any good?
It’s early days yet. The resurgent marque is yet to show off its new products in public, let alone reveal a price.

This sleek electric superbike floats like butterfly, sting like a bee

We do know a brushless induction motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries will drive the rear wheel, which is something. 

‘Ultra condensers’ are then added to increase the amount of torque delivered. Regenerative braking – a first in the motorbike world – will also be featured, as well as an Engine Control Unit that allows the rider to tweak the amount of power available.

Handy if it rains, or when riders are struck with a lack of confidence. 

The bikes looks mean. And fast. They are fast, right?
Not especially. Bultaco claims both the Rapitan and Rapitan Sport models can hit 90mph when the throttle is pinned wide open, which is a long way off the petrol-powered superbikes we are currently used to. But on the plus side, it only takes 45 minutes to brim the batteries using the ‘Quick Charge’ system and it can travel for around 85 miles on a single charge.

This sleek electric superbike floats like butterfly, sting like a bee

Only 90mph?
‘Only’? Speed isn’t everything you know. Check out those gorgeous bodies and wasp-like paintjob for starters. Considering the electric motors, 90mph should till be face-meltingly fast enough for most riders too. 

The handsome Rapitans will be ready for public consumption later this year for an undisclosed price, so start saving if you want tarmac-tearing thrills, straight from the plug. 

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