Sky+ gets Netflix-style recommendations and multi-season series link

Sky’s box of tricks gets a raft of new features in an update rolling out from today

Sky has given its Sky+ TV Guide a wash and brush up, adding a handful of new and potentially useful features to the EPG.

First and foremost is a Netflix-style recommendation engine that will suggest programmes based on your taste – or at least what it thinks is your taste. It’s based on your recent activity: Sky’s example is that a customer who has recently recorded The Following may receive recommendations to watch Hannibal, Luther or Criminal Minds. Recommendations will be picked from both broadcast and on-demand content.

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Also new is Smart Series Link. It’s like Series Link, only… smarter. Basically, when you Series Link a show now, your Sky box will continue recording episodes when it returns for a new season. Previously, Series Link would end after the current season.

The update also adds DVD cover art to selections in the Sky Store and Sky Movies sections; a new Sports tile on the EPG homepage that takes you directly to all channels showing live sport; it’s now easier to choose between HD and SD quality when setting a recording; and HDMI One Touch, which – assuming you have a compatible television – will turn on both your Sky+ box and your TV with a single button press from the Sky remote.

The update will begin rolling out to Sky+ boxes today.

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