SIM2 C3X 1080

5 stars
Sim2 tries to persuade you to forget that planned house extension and buy this three-chip DLP home cinema projector instead

SIM2 HT380

5 stars
The latest and most powerful model in SIM2’s gorgeous HT range of projectors is a genuine stunner

SIM2 HT3000E

5 stars
The latest and greatest single-chip DLP projector from SIM2, the Full HD HT3000E is a work of art in every sense

SIM2 HT5000

5 stars
The HT5000 delivers the most staggering picture quality we’ve seen in a projector. Don’t look at the price – look at the pretty picture…

SIM2 C3X Link

5 stars
Home cinema kit doesn’t normally cost the same as a four-door saloon. But then, the C3X Link isn’t a normal projector…

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SIM2 HT300

5 stars
The SIM2 HT300E uses Texas Instruments’ latest ‘DC3’ chipset technology, has an HD compatible resolution of 1280x720 pixels and has been fitted with an HDMI input for digital video transfer
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