Shure reviews

Shure SE115m+

4 stars
These sound-isolating Shure headphones will mean you never need to wrestle your iPhone from your skinny jeans again…

Shure SE115

5 stars
Our favourite Shure in-ears have been given new colourful paint jobs and improved drivers. Are they the ultimate iPod upgrade?

Shure SE110

5 stars
Shure has some serious heritage when it comes to earphones – will the entry-level SE110s live up to the hype?

Shure SE310

5 stars
Shure’s SE310 headphones fit right in the middle of the company’s SE range. So are they the perfect balance of performance and price?

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Shure SE210

5 stars
Shure's affordable earphones are positively budget in comparison to its flagship model, but does the sound match the low-end ranking?

Shure SE530PTH

5 stars
Sure, you could buy a desktop PC for the same money. But these frighteningly expensive earphones deliver shockingly good sound quality
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