Sharp unveils Quattron 3D TVs

Sharp has stayed out of the 3D TV world – until now. The company has just announced that it’ll be launching its LV series of 3D tellies in Japan at th

Sharp LC-52XS1

4 stars
Sharp’s flagship packs an enormous amount of tech into its slim, beautifully finished chassis – but it also costs more than a car. A half-decent one, at that…

Sharp 903

5 stars
Forget the hype about the other camphones – this is the best we’ve seen by a mighty long yoga-aided stretch

Vodafone first with 3.2MP camphone

Quick, sell those digicam shares! Vodafone's upped the cameraphone ante in the UK by announcing the nation's first 3.2MP mobile phone, the Sharp 903. That's a whole megapixel more than the competition, resolution fans
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