How to be the next big YouTuber

Get inspired!

There's not going to be any video if you don't get any inspiration and the best way is to get examples. Before you even get started, make a point to watch other YouTube videos. Believe us, it'll help in the process of figuring out what kind of video you want to create.

Got a bit of a narcissistic streak? Maybe the whole talking to the camera or vlog format might be your thing? Or do you think you're the next Spielberg or J.J Abrams? Then maybe a video with a story and narratives or scripted comedy and skits is more to your taste.

Not surprisingly though, one of the better source for tips on getting the most out of YouTube is well... YouTube itself. Its own YouTube Help channel dishes out quite a bit of info that'll really help you get started. 

So what are you sitting there for, get off your butts and start making videos. Don't worry if your videos suck. After all, failure sometimes leads to success and you never know till you try.

Can't stand the critique of the masses? You can also set it so only the relevant people that you send the links to will see it. But why would you want to do that? Videos are meant to be seen!

And if you're thinking of making some money out of it, remember, you can't be a YouTube partner until you actually start making videos that generate lots of hits. And you can't get hits if you don't learn from your failures and put as much videos out.

So with that goal in mind, go forth and terrorise the Internet aspiring YouTubers!


Additional text by Tein Hee Seow

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