Yamaha Yard Built XV95 blends modern tech with retro good looks

We'd give anything to jump on this handsome two-wheeler

Blimey, is that a Yamaha FZ750? Haven't seen one of those in years.
Wow, someone knows their bikes. But you're wrong. Sort of.

What you're looking at here, is a custom-made motorcycle produced by Italy's LowRide magazine.

Some clever folks at Turin workshop Metal Bike took a modern Star Bolt XV950 and modified it to look like Yamaha's iconic FZ50 - a beast which, during its '85-'91 reign, was famous for its incredible power, squeezing out a top speed of 150mph from its 750c engine.

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That's a pretty drastic facelift. They must have chopped it to pieces.
Actually, only relatively minor surgery was needed for the transformation. The new custom-made aluminium body is reinforced with steel tubes which are handily attached to the bolt's existing mounting points. 

A custom leather seat, sportier handlebars and a new exhaust make up the rest of the cosmetic changes, while an accurate paint job recreates the classic styling. The end result is a modern cruiser wrapped up in a glorious retro package.

I'll take three.
You'll take none, unfortunately. This appears to be a one-off piece, though you could always pick up your own Star Burst cruiser for around £7000 (S$14,560) and start tweaking it yourself. What could possibly go wrong?

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