Xmi boasts a new range of X-mini Kai 2 capsule speakers

There’s a rainbow of choices for you to pick from

Don’t judge a speaker by its size, at least when it comes to Xmi, which is known for its thumbsize minute capsule speakers. And to appeal to a wider range of users, the company has taken the wrappers off its new X-mini Kai 2 capsule speaker range.

The latest offering isn’t just a speaker for when you want a boost of audio. The X-mini Kai 2 capsule speaker is feature packed, plus it fits right in your pocket (just watch out for that odd bulge).

Following in the footsteps of its Max and Uno series, the Kai 2 has ceramic drivers, which according to Xmi, produces a more crisp, clear and cleaner sound. It's also now outfitted with a noise-cancelling microphone, which filters background audio disruption.  

The X-mini Kai 2 capsule speaker also acts as a wireless dongle, by connecting your music and playlists wirelessly via Bluetooth. It pretty much works in the same way the Buddy-Jack feature on the X-mini Uno and Max capsule speakers do. 

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It's one to have on the go

Besides the basics, the Xmi is positioning it as an affordable lifestyle conferencing device that you can use on the go. You can wirelessly pair the device with your smartphones or tablets if you want to use it for voice and video calls (but also run the risk of having people listen in on your conversation if you’re in a crowded spot).

And you don’t have to wait too long before you can get the Kai 2 capsule speaker assortment – they will be available from most of the retail stores in Singapore on 1 August, priced at S$79.90.

You’ll be spoilt for choice too – pick from six colour options that match the X-mini Uno and Max capsule speaker line-up. 

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