Improve your geek cred with these 10 Xiaomi MIUI themes


Here’s a theme to slather your Xiaomi device in before the Transformers roll out in the next film (and bring Dinobots with them). Having a bad day? Just look into Optimus Prime’s eyes on your lockscreen to feel hope anew again. 

Download Transformers MIUI theme here 


Feeling a little villainous instead? Go dark with the Decepticons. The black and red theme will feed your evil side until you feel more pleasant and switch back to good guy Optimus Prime. Why not download both for interchangeability when the mood arises?

Download Decepticons MIUI theme here

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Assassin’s Creed

In between pining for the next instalment of the game, you could always gaze upon your phone to remember the many hours you spent huddled over your laptop. The clean icon layout is not overkill either. 

Download Assassin's Creed MIUI theme here 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Admittedly, this theme is better for those who enjoyed The Winter Soldier film than diehard fans of the superhero from Marvel Comics. That said, those icons are still pretty on point so just ignore Chris Evans’ face. Unless you’re female, then go ahead and fawn.  

Download Captain America: The Winter Soldier MIUI theme here

Dead Space

Loved the space horror game? Then you need this theme to showcase your loyalty, or your general fearlessness towards scary games. Besides, having all those glowing icons makes us feel like we’re finally in the future that the past predicted for us.  

Download Dead Space MIUI theme here

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