Unboxing the Xbox One is exciting, but it's not enough to want One

Taken before its time

Sadly, the Xbox One had to be returned to its rightful owner at the end of the day. Yet, it was a thrill to physically handle an actual unit, and there’s no doubt that it’ll get anyone’s attention, albeit it being a space-hogger.

That said, getting the Xbox One through Amazon is possible, but there is a downside to that - warranty. For any products, the first wave has a few kinks to work out. This applies to both the Xbox One and PS4, though the latter is a safer bet as it will be available from 19th December and includes regional warranty. The Xbox One, however, is not officially available in Asia just yet, leaving many questions unanswered over its warranty.

The one question that I can answer for now, is this: be patient, and hold out till the Xbox One is officially launched in Asia. Or at least, till headlining titles such as Titanfall are finally available.

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