Unboxing the Xbox One is exciting, but it's not enough to want One

Sure, people went green with envy when we unboxed and set up the Xbox One, but that’s hardly enough to make us want it

Two weeks ago, I’ve mentioned that I won’t be getting the PS4 yet. The same goes for the Xbox One. But that didn’t stop me from getting excited when One landed in our office.

Yes, I felt like a kid once more, and just couldn't wait to rip open the Amazon package and lay my hands on that sexy piano black console. And boy, did the contents get me excited.

My, what a big power brick

Pulling the pieces apart from the Amazon package was easy. Its hefty weight was no surprise, given how huge the console looks compared to the PS4. What came as a shocker was actually the power adaptor, or more accurately, power brick. There’s no way around it - the power brick looks conspicuously out of place, measuring near the height and width of the Xbox One.

Unboxed in record time

There was lots of fumbling involved as I struggled to unwrap everything, but it was all worth it when everything was laid out neatly on the desk. HDMI cable, Xbox One controller with a pair of batteries, the new Kinect sensor and most importantly, the console itself. Surprisingly, the time taken to unbox the Xbox One was a mere five minutes. The adrenaline rush was unbelievable. It was time to fire up the Xbox One but one challenge remained - connecting the dots and hooking it up to the TV.

Challenge accepted.

Setting up

Match the right cable to the right connector, and you’re all set. That is, if you're not as overwhelmed as I am with the sheer number of connectors located at the console’s rear. After the initial shock, it was apparent that HDMI ports are clearly marked, indicating the right port that connects to the TV. All in all, you’ll only need to concern yourself with a few connectors - power, HDMI and Kinect.

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One has its eye on you

Ah yes, the Kinect sensor. This is where the Xbox really shines. True enough, the new Kinect has a much wider field of vision - a colleague confirmed that when he was on Skype and noticed how extensively the camera captures his living room. Word of caution - don’t be too forceful with the Kinect sensor’s cable - unlike the power connector, it only fits in one orientation. This is equally true for the HDMI cable.

Xbox. go!

Yes, there’s the big Xbox One logo. We’re getting closer to the final stages. The controller was all that remained. Once you hold it, you’ll never want to let go. The trigger buttons are insanely responsive, and I didn’t feel any awkwardness when I tapped my index fingers on them.

Xbox One Controller

The same goes for the analog sticks - my thumbs rested on both without any discomfort. Another reason that swings my decision from a PS4 to an Xbox - removable batteries for the controller. Unlike the DualShock 4 controller, which requires you to plug the controller to the console once it’s running low on juice, it’s much easier to just switch out a dead battery on the Xbox One controller.

Taken before its time

Sadly, the Xbox One had to be returned to its rightful owner at the end of the day. Yet, it was a thrill to physically handle an actual unit, and there’s no doubt that it’ll get anyone’s attention, albeit it being a space-hogger.

That said, getting the Xbox One through Amazon is possible, but there is a downside to that - warranty. For any products, the first wave has a few kinks to work out. This applies to both the Xbox One and PS4, though the latter is a safer bet as it will be available from 19th December and includes regional warranty. The Xbox One, however, is not officially available in Asia just yet, leaving many questions unanswered over its warranty.

The one question that I can answer for now, is this: be patient, and hold out till the Xbox One is officially launched in Asia. Or at least, till headlining titles such as Titanfall are finally available.

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