Worst idea ever - 10 tacky tech costumes for Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, we traumatise you with the 10 most unimaginative and eye-searingly bad tech costumes that people should never, ever wear in public

People, please. If you are invited to a Halloween party, do the decent thing. Put some effort into a costume. Or at the very least, do not don questionably lame costumes that puts not just you, but your hosts to shame. Leave it to the Stuff.tv Halloween fashion police to steer you away from these disastrous tech-related costumes.


If it’s easy, you’re lazy. Seeing that blue screen of death, even as a costume, is likely to incur somebody’s wrath. This goes for all computer errors, so remember to back your data up and don't come out dressed as the tech intepretation of everyone's worst nightmare.

[Image: weknowmemes]

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