Groom through Monday morning after World Cup 2014

Grooming tips to look your best if you absolutely can't get out of the early meeting after the Germany vs Argentina final match

The World Cup hating boss has spoken - no one is allowed to come in late after the final match between Germany and Argentina at 3am.

On top of that, there's a big client meeting on Monday morning, and you need to look in tip-top condition, not with the eyebags and unsightly facial hair that gives away the late night. And taking another day of sick leave is not an option.

There's still time to get prepared, recharge yourself with these grooming items. Hopefully, you can live through the day without nodding off once.

Biotherm Homme High Recharge Eye Shot

It doesn’t matter if quaffing caffeine is keeping you awake, you’ve got to look like you really are. The three icy spheres at the tip of this tube deliver a shot of stimulating caffeine into your eye area, depuffing them by providing relief for water retention. Also contains manganese to promote micro-circulation and minimise dark eye.

Price: $48

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Panasonic Rechargeable Lamdash Shaver ES-ST25

All those late nights and oily snacks are going to put your skin in a more vulnerable position than the guys forming a wall during a freekick. This shaver is made for sensitive skin, with a sensor to detect beard density and adjusting cutting speed accordingly so you’re not left feeling way too raw.

Price: S$249

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SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence

Pat down your freshly cleansed or shaved face with a dose of this super skin essence. Containing all the skin-loving goodness of the original Facial Treatment Essence the missus swears by, this men’s version leaves behind a mild cooling sensation that lasts long after it’s applied.

Price: S$99 (75ml)

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