Wireless charging docks can be sexy too

No, they really can. We'll prove it

I don't know what I'm looking at exactly, but it sure is pretty.
You're currently admiring the Swich, a wireless charging smartphone dock which, as you've noticed, is strikingly pretty.

But I thought docks were supposed to be ugly and boring?
That's what people said about PCs, remember? "Who cares if they're beige?" they said. "They're meant for spreadsheets, not beauty competitions" they cried.

You know what those people were? Short sighted. You're not short sighted, are you friend?

Well, I wear glasses, but -
The point is, who are we to judge what should and shouldn't be beautiful?

Sure, a smartphone wireless charging dock is nothing more than a slightly more convenient way to pump electricity into your pocketable friend, but if it's sitting on your desk in plain view all day, then why not make it look like it belongs in a design museum?

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I guess. As long as it's not slathered in plastic and cheap veneer…
Not at all. The base and charging surface are crafted from ceramic, while the connecting arm is solid American walnut.

The charging surface is slathered in an acrylic foam sheet with micro suction cups to firmly hold your device in place too. It also rotates, which will come in handy for watching movies. Form, meet function.

It's not using some proprietary complicated giga-watt micro-juicing technology is it?
… No. the Swich uses standard Qi charging technology, which is supported by almost every single phone that's capable of wireless charging.

iPhone owners will need an adaptor case to get in on the fun, but once they do they can plonk their iThing down and enjoy the cable-free experience just as much as their Android counterparts.

Let me guess. It costs more than my car.
Not unless your car has three wheels, half an engine and no windscreen. While it's pricier than many other docks (it'll set you back US$140 (S$175) on Kickstarter), it's far handsomer too. 

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