10 of the best Nokia Lumia 1520 apps

My, that’s a nice Windows Phone you have. What, it’s brand new? Let’s toss some free apps into that Nokia phablet

Nokia’s first phablet is a dreamboat. Beautiful body, gorgeously huge, rich screen and a great battery life had us at hello. All that’s left, is to put its hardware to the test with these essential Windows Phone apps.

CamScanner (Free)

Chuck that scanner away. Why would you need it, if you’ve installed CamScanner on your Lumia 1520? Take a snapshot of that namecard or document, let the app work its magic and it’ll save them in PDF format. Heck, it’ll even organise the scans and upload them to your SkyDrive.

Download CamScanner

Facebook (Free)

One of the great things about Windows Phone is the deep integration of Facebook’s news feed. But it doesn’t hurt to get the official Facebook app and view your Timeline with more visuals. No, it’s not meant for you to play Facebook games. No Candy Crush Saga for you.

Download Facebook

File Explorer (Free)

Running out of space on the Lumia 1520? It’s time to do some housekeeping with File Explorer. As its name implies, this app grants you access to the file system within the phone. Find and delete files that are taking up precious space. You can even transfer files between PC and phone via Wi-Fi. Oh, SkyDrive too, in case your life is saved in Microsoft’s cloud storage.

Download File Explorer

Instagram (Free)

The photo-sharing app, once exclusive to iOS users and creating a generation of selfie hipsters, is finally on Windows Phone. There are kinks to iron out, such as the lack of a video-taking feature. But hey, you're not truly living if you don’t have Instagram to stalk, we mean, follow your friends’ activities.

Download Instagram

Spotify (Free)

It’s a pity that Spotify is free to stream on iOS and Android devices, but not on Windows Phone. We can only hope it’s temporary, but that shouldn’t stop you from accessing millions of tracks on your phone. A S$9.90 subscription doesn’t really cost that much, considering the fact that you can save your favourite tracks for offline playing.

Download Spotify

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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star (Free)

Building the ultimate weapon in the universe won’t be easy. You’ll be answering to Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader when the Galactic Bux is running low. Keep a close watch on Rebel scum infiltrating shops. If the opportunity arises, send them straight to the Interrogation room and unlock unbelievably cute parodies from the Star Wars films.

Download Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

TuneIn Radio (Free)

Ok, you’re not that willing to part S$9.90 per month for the Spotify subscription. We hear you, so here’s an alternative - TuneIn Radio. This nifty app offers over 100,000 radio stations and has no lack of music streams to satisfy your aural needs. Just remember to strap your device to a Wi-Fi connection, you won’t want to get a huge bill shock from the excessive data usage.

Download TuneIn Radio

Vine (Free)

Taking photos and sharing it on Twitter is so last year. Download Vine, and immortalise your shenanigans on video. Go on, post more and you might turn into a Twitter celebrity for a wacky Vine video taken during theChristmas party that none shall speak of.

Download Vine

WhatsApp (Free)

Windows Phone has a well-integrated messaging service, combining text messages, Skype and even Facebook messages together. But what’s the point of all that, if most of your friends are on other services such as WhatsApp? Fortunately, the instant messaging service has eradicated most of the bugs that caused an infinite amount of lag (and pain). Go forth, and chat away.

Download WhatsApp

Xbox 360 SmartGlass (Free)

If you’re using a Windows Phone, we figure you’re either a Nokia or Microsoft fan. For the latter, you do have an Xbox One (or for those of us in Asia, Xbox 360), right? Then it makes sense to download the SmartGlass app, allowing you to remotely control your music, movies and surf the web on Microsoft's gaming console. Xbox games not included.

Download Xbox 360 SmartGlass

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