Well played: Xiaomi Singapore’s tongue-in-cheek reply tweet is one of our top three social media wins

Now, this is better marketing than any factory line press release could ever do

Ah, the Internet.

When it comes to corporate social media accounts, the unspoken rule is never to engage with trolls because - public image. But on the rare occasions when companies do respond, there’s always the potential for a lot of win as these companies lighten up and embrace their Singaporean-ess. Props.

3) Xiaomi Singapore

S$9.99, S$10.99 or S$11.99. If you had to choose one price for Xiaomi's upcoming 5200mAH Mi Power Bank, half the price of its 10,400mAh version (which costs S$14) sounds logical. And of course, Singaporeans started questioning why that option isn't available.

Instead of giving the typical templated PR answer, Xiaomi goes the other way and cites a logic that Singaporeans will find tough to argue with. Nice diversion, Xiaomi Singapore, thanks for highlighting a greater economical injustice.

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2) Singapore Civil Defence Force

When Singapore underwent a heatwave that turned much of our green city brown, SGAG issued a call for action to the SCDF, who surprisingly responded candidly and lamented the Singapore knack for having the SCDF deal with problems the SCDF shouldn’t have to deal with. Two birds, one stone. 

1) Scoot Airlines

With its history of banter with local trolls-for-the-people SGAG, Scoot is leading as the best-loved local budget airline due to their penchant for playing along. As a result, their reputation in people’s minds have received a lot more likes than any other social media campaign could ever do for them. Your move, Tiger Airways.

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