Want to drive the Porsche Macan in Taiwan? Join the Macan Challenge

Spend a few hours with Real Racing 3, get the fastest lap time, and you could also win an all-expense paid trip to Germany with Porsche

See this? The Macan Porsche? It’ll only be available in July, but you could get an early peek at it and even drive it in Taiwan from 9 to 12 May.

What? It’s an SUV. Give me the real deal

Really? This IS the real deal. Porsche’s fifth model line is packed with 340hp, and has a 3-litre V6 engine that growls like a beast. Listen to it, and you won’t even know it’s a compact SUV.

We see the glint in your eyes, you’re interested in driving this bad boy. Oh no, we’re not going to serve this opportunity to you on a silver platter. There’s some work to be done, though admittedly, they’re very easy tasks. First of which, is to download Real Racing 3 on iOS or Android.

Wait, what? What does Porsche have to do with an EA Mobile game?

Because, dear grasshopper, the first part of the Macan Challenge revolves around the racing simulator. Look, let’s make it even more appealing - the game’s free, so there’s no reason not to download it.

What you’ll need to work on, is your driving skills. Fire up those cars, drift through those tricky courses and hone your virtual driving skills to get the fastest lap time.

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Wait, so how do I show that I’m the best?

There’s an actual event held at Scotts Square Level 1 Atrium from today till Sunday 6 April between 11am to 10pm. Trust us, you’ll want to register online first, it gives you time to craft your answers for the questions in the registration form. Oh, by the way, did we forget to mention that those answers will affect how the judges choose the winners? But hey, if you think you can wing it, just head down to the event, register on the spot and aim for the best timing.

Sounds easy, save that spot to Taiwan for me!

Yes, but don’t forget, someone might swoop in at the last minute and beat your timing. Don’t worry, the playoffs happening this weekend aims to find a team of four, led by celebrity host Dominic Lau (who didn't crash in eights seconds like he said he would). Everyone stands a chance, well, maybe just a few who achieve the highest score.

Okay, we lied, not everyone stands a chance to go to Taiwan. Only participants aged 18 and above residing in Singapore and have a valid driving license are eligible.

So what’s this bit about an all-expense paid trip to Germany?

Glad you asked because the selected team from Singapore will be playing against teams from Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand in the Macan Challenge. Teams will be doing a series of challenges in the new Macan and the winners will be sponsored by Porsche to visit its factories and the Porsche Museum in Germany.

Hello… are you still there? Seriously? You're playing Real Racing 3 right now and ignoring us? Oh fine. Good luck.

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