Want 10% off Microsoft Surface Pro 3? Read this if you’re a student

You’ll be saving at least S$100 to buy more accessories for the Windows 8.1 tablet

Think Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet is a little too pricey for you, especially if you’re a struggling student? You’re actually eligible for a 10% discount.

This means you can shave at least S$100 off for the base Core i3 model (usual price S$1108) and nearly S$270 off the souped up Core i7 model (usual price S$2698).

That is, if you’re a student from a certified MOE institution. The offer is valid on the Microsoft Store, and it’ll also show if you’re eligible for the 10% discount. Besides the tablet, the discount also applies to the Surface Pro 3’s accompanying accessories. This includes the Surface Pro Type Cover, which usually costs S$183.

And if you’ve lost your pen while you were scribbling notes, a replacement costs S$73 before discount.

The upgraded docking station (which is also available for the previous Surface Pro 2 that didn’t land in Singapore) got our attention. Priced at S$288, it adds three USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports to complement the paltry single USB port on the Surface Pro 3.

A mini-DisplayPort and audio ports are also included to hook the tablet to an external display or speaker, turning it into an almost full-fledged desktop system for gaming.

Unfortunately, it’ll be a while more before you can get your hands on the docking station. While most of the Surface Pro 3 accessories will be launched alongside the tablet, the docking station will only be available after August.

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