Voxan Wattman: the world’s most powerful electric motorbike

Who needs petrol? This battery-powered bike can go from 0-60mph in less than 3.5 seconds

Meet the Wattman, an electric motorcycle from French company Voxan that banishes all notions of battery-powered bikes being marginally more powerful than a hairdryer.

The Wattman, unveiled at this week’s Paris Motorcycle Show, is a 200 horsepower machine able to top 100mph and go from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds. Its battery, which charges to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes, gives it a range of about 120 miles. The charger is built-in too, meaning you can plug the bike straight into a regular household power socket.

One for the future?

The battery is held in the large aluminium housing that gives the Wattman its beefy, bulky looks.

The Wattman is currently a concept, but if we hear of an actual release date or price in the future, we’ll let you know.

[Voxan via Sploid]

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