Twitter Dream Team: 11 accounts you should follow for key World Cup action

Did the unthinkable and missed a match? We've got the perfect line-up of Twitter accounts for you to pick up from where you left off

Can’t stay up to watch a match? We know the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. And in this case, we’ve got all the Twitter accounts you should follow to keep up.

FourFourTwo Singapore


Support local! Although we might not live to see Singapore’s national team ever making it into the World Cup, we can at least experience some semblance of national pride by reading about the World Cup through local football authority FourFourTwo Singapore’s eyes. They have a site too, if your footie interest should extend beyond World Cup season.

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FIFA World Cup


The official account for the games, be sure to validate any rumours you hear here. They’ve got insider information, the latest kick stats and everything you could possibly need to know about the World Cup. For what the camera doesn’t show you, check out their Instagram account.

Luis Suarez


Get an inside look into the World Cup through Luis Suarez’s eyes, kicking off with an over-excited tweet. The Uruguayan plays as a forward for Liverpool when it’s not World Cup season, and when it is, he’s on the national Uruguay team of course. We expect equally zealous tweets over the course of the World Cup. 

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