Ellen Degeneres breaks retweet record with star-studded tweet

With that many celebrities in her selfie, we aren’t surprised

Ellen Degeneres didn't win an award on Oscars night. But give that woman one for breaking a Twitter record.

The host for the 86th Annual Academy Awards took some time off her duties to perform the most irreverent action of all: a simple selfie. Except in this case, said selfie has gone on to become the most retweeted post of all time, hitting over 2.1 million retweets. Considering the star-studded appearances from the likes of Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, and a whole lot more, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

After all, there are 12 celebrities in the photo, which means an average of 175,000 retweets per person. Ok, that's still quite impressive. 

Previously, the most retweeted update by a well-known personality was held by Barack Obama when he announced his re-election to office. And that only got about 780,000 plus retweets.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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