Travel without roaming charges with TripAdvisor’s updated smartphone app

You can now download reviews, pictures, and maps from it for offline use

We’ve all been in a position, at least once in our lives, where we’ve been slapped with a hefty telco bill for overseas roaming charges. It’s not our fault – we need constant connection to data, especially for city maps, when we’re moving around a new country.

But it may not happen any longer if you’ve got TripAdvisor’s updated smartphone app. It now has a new offline feature, which enables you to download city maps, reviews, and snaps from TripAdvisor before you leave. If you’re not one for pre-planning, you can also do it when you have Wi-Fi access.

This data can then be accessed on your trip offline and when there isn’t any data connection available. However, the app will only feature 10 reviews per point of interest when no data connection is available.

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Lots of savings

But we’ve got to put it out there that if you’re using your smartphone for data usage outside of this, making calls, and sending text messages, you’re still going to get hit with excess charges from your service provider – there’s no avoiding it.

“More and more travellers are making spur-of-the-moment decisions about where to go and what to do and need a useful travel resource. They can now pick last-minute hotels, restaurants and attractions to visit–all while avoiding costly roaming charges,” TripAdvisor senior vice-president of global product, Adam Medros, said.

At launch, the feature will include more than 300 city maps worldwide – including that of Singapore – with more expected to follow suit shortly. It’s available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store globally, in all the countries and languages where the TripAdvisor app is presently available.  

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