From Transformers to Care Bears: The 10 best toys of the 1980s

4. My Little Pony (First appearance: 1983)

Although originally two plastic creations (‘My Pretty Pony’), My Little Pony is best-known for the subsequent vinyl characters. Almost devoid of articulation, the line nonetheless sank its hooves in, through that foolproof combination of cute and collectable, this time with added hair-brushing.

My Little Pony

Only six ponies were initially released, but the line rapidly grew, adding seated ponies, Unicorn and Pegasus ponies, seahorse-like sea ponies, cuddly ‘soft’ ponies, and eventually ‘Big Brother’ ponies, which in reality were just a bit bigger and not in fact enigmatic dictator ponies. More recently, the line’s been rebooted with creepy anthropomorphised versions of classic characters. No, we have no idea why either.

Image credit: Katie Brady

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