Quintessentially Quirky - The Oddities of Tokyo Game Show 2013

Otoranger (iOS)

What Is It?

Rhythm games have been flooding mobile devices as of late with the likes of the Tap Tap Revenge series and, er, Snoop Dogg’s Way of The Dogg. Capcom decides to put in their own spin on the genre by adding in Power Rangers-like superheroes and RPG elements for team and stats-building.

Tailored after Puzzle & Dragon's hybrid mechanics, players have to combat wave upon wave of super villain henchmen and sentai-styled monsters in a stage by hitting the cues on-screen perfectly to the beat of the background music. The more precise a player’s input is, the better the outcome and damage. Greater inputs will allow them to go into Fever mode, where the heroes summon a giant robot akin to the Megazord to deal a heckaton of damage on anything waylaying their path. If that isn't enough to satiate a music lover's tastebuds, the game's simple-yet-striking art style is easy on the eyes.

Localization Chances?

Unlike most titles on this list, mobile games have a good chance of making it out in English if oddities like Party Wave and Puzzle & Dragon are concerned. A concept like Otoranger can work outside of Japan thanks to the long-lasting popularity of the Power Rangers series (since 1993 up until now) and portable rhythm titles.

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