Quintessentially Quirky - The Oddities of Tokyo Game Show 2013

Game Center CX: Arino in District 3 (3DS)

What Is It?

This collection of 15 NES-styled original games is styled after retro titles like Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. Examples include Rumi and the Magic Broom, a platformer inspired by the Super Mario Bros. series, and Wing Hero, a horizontal 2D shoot-em-up where players can blow on a microphone to elevate away when things get too hot. Saurus Boy is what happens when someone combines Land Before Time with Mega Man; the main character fights in a prehistoric world using different dinosaur outfits with varying power-ups

This otherworldly collection is a tie-in to the Japanese TV show Game Center CX, which is hosted by comedian Shinya Arino. In each episode he has to finish a retro title in 24 hours as well as explore gaming culture in the whole of Japan. Because only in that country, TV execs can profit from a show where a middle-age comedian plays old video games for entertainment.

Localization Chances?

Most likely no. The first Games Center CX title on the Nintendo DS was localized previously under the name Retro Games Challenge in North America to mediocre fanfare and sales number. The show is gaining popularity on international markets thanks to subtitled DVD releases of past episodes, so there’s that.

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