Quintessentially Quirky - The Oddities of Tokyo Game Show 2013

Drag-On Dragoon 3 (PS3)

What Is It?

Old-school PS2 gamers may remember the Drag-On Dragoon series; it was localized as Drakengard since 2004. The first two games were third-person action hack-and-slash fests in the veins of the Dynasty Warriors series, with its sole hook being that players can command and ride a badass dragon either on the field or in the air at any given situation.

The upcoming third game is not only sticking true to its saurian-piloting and beat-em-up roots, but also introduces two different female protagonists, Zero and One, with a dark backstory and a promiscuous streak. Heck, the former has four manservants of different age groups who protects her as well as satiates her ever-growing libido. Keeping up with the game’s grueling nature, Zero and One can amplify their combat prowess if they are covered by oodle amounts of blood on the battlefield.

Localization Chances?

Yes, given that the first two games were localized before. Publisher Square Enix is mum about its English existence at the moment. Copies outside of the US and Europe would be distributed in limited amounts given its niche status.

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