5 imaginary gadgets that heralded the era of wearable tech

The bungling secret agent

If you thought Nike came up with the concept of a smart shoe, you’re wrong. Maxwell Smart – aka Agent 86 – of the 1965 TV series Get Smart was the first to own a pair of shoes that doubled up as a mobile phone. We can’t say he was the best person to work the tech. Case in point, he wore and, ewww, put them on his ears.

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The black suits’ coming

With the black suit, shades, and shoes, Agent K and Agent J sure knew how to define cool in the 1997 Men In Black film. And why wouldn’t they? Those Raybans were so tech advanced they deflected neuralysers – a gizmo that erased memories. Google’s Glass developers got the idea from this film; they just don’t know it yet.

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Sexy and tech savvy

There’s no disputing that James Bond was the king of everything geek chic. So let's digress from the obvious and focus on the Bond girls. There are multiple times across the movies when a Bond girl used her tech jewellery – for example, Wai Lin's earrings concealed a lock pick that opened handcuffs in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).

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