5 imaginary gadgets that heralded the era of wearable tech

We were given subliminal messages from the gods of fiction

We’re kicking ourselves for not seeing the signs earlier; we could have modeled wearable tech devices way before they took form on this earth.

The signs have been right under our noses, even though they were just creations of imagination put together as part of fiction for TV and film.    

Granted, some of them are cartoons, but the stark resemblance to what we have now is remarkable.

Read on and try not too get too freaked out.

A hero for earth

Captain Planet and his musketeers, we mean Planeteers, made their debut in the 1990s (we’re talking more than 20 years ago). Five rings, four of which controlled the forces of nature and the fifth, the element of (absolutely useless) heart, was given to five teens with a passion for saving the earth. Is it just us or do their rings remind you of Nod’s Gesture Control Ring?

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The Mighty Morphin’ clan

If you were born in the late 80s/early 90s and have never watched a single episode of the Power Rangers – the series started in 1993 – you've been living under a rock. The five (and occasionally six) troop members all sported watches that allowed them to “call” and connect to each other, very much like some smartwatches today. 

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