Survive the zombie apocalypse with these handy tips

Your friendly neighbourhood armoury

Do-it-yourself stores are a treasure trove of weapons. Hammers, spanners, and all sorts of hard-hitting objects are the best tools to smash those zombie heads with and put them out of their misery. Silence is your best friend, and you’ll need to be as stealthy as Solid Snake if you want to get out of a zombie-infested place alive with all limbs intact.

When all hell breaks loose, stealth is no longer an option. At this point, nothing, absolutely nothing, trumps the ultimate zombie-killing weapon - the chainsaw. Once triggered, the serrated blade moves so swiftly along the chain, it’ll make short work of the zombies’ heads, gashing through them like a hot knife through butter.

Communications is the key to survival

Survive the zombie apocalypse with these handy tips - Communications is the key to survival 2Survive the zombie apocalypse with these handy tips - Communications is the key to survival 3

Think you can call for help with that smartphone? Wrong. During the end of days, cell towers will be useless. Ditch the smartphone. Instead, get the ISatPhone Pro. The satellite phone connects via orbiting satellites, and reception is guaranteed as long as the satellites are still operating. The chances of contacting a fellow survivor on the other end of the world is much higher if you use a satellite phone.

While you're at it, keeping your lifeline safe from damage is paramount to your survival. But if you're still a sucker for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones, you'll need to protect it from dust and water. Not to mention those bloody bits of flesh hanging from those damn undead monsters. So invest some hard-earned cash in rugged cases like the LifeProof frē (S$109) or Otterbox Preserver (S$119) 

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Juice up for a fighting chance

Survive the zombie apocalypse with these handy tips - Juice up for a fighting chance 2Survive the zombie apocalypse with these handy tips - Juice up for a fighting chance 3

While you’re at it, get a battery pack. A really huge one. And get a rugged one too. The LifeMate Power Bear is a 12,000mAh battery pack that can withstand a 1.5m drop and survive water immersion up to 1.5m for 24 hours.

But the harsh reality, is that power outlets are scarce and you will run out of recharging options for the Power Bear. Meet the mPowerPad 2, a solar-powered battery pack that harnesses sunlight to give you a fighting chance against zombies. All that’s missing is some pea-shooting plants to lob the zombies' heads off their shoulders.

In the darkness of the night, when you are running dangerously low on juice, your arm muscles are your only hope. Crank the turbine on the Eton FX3 and pump up the power to recharge your devices, and when daylight returns, utilise its solar panels to absorb another round to energise your satellite phone.

Run, human, run!

When it’s crunch time, outrunning those pesky zombies is your first and utmost priority. If they are anywhere as slow as those walkers from The Walking Dead, you can outrun the jaws of death (and really bad breath) in any pair of comfortable shoes.

If you are up against those nasty clickers seen in The Last of Us or the rage-imbued mobs from 28 Days Later, you won’t stand a fighting chance without a proper pair of sprinters. A pair of New Balance Racer 1400v2 will do the trick. The lightweight shoes’ intelligent geometrical design in the sole unit wraps your feet tightly to prevent any nasty sprains when you are fleeing from the zombie horde.

Running shoes are your top priority, but do not neglect your other items in your get home bag. Pack it to the brim with a jacket to keep your body warm, a multi-tool and knife for some delicate work and basic first-aid. And don't forget the energy-boosting food to keep you going.

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