Shady summer: 11 pairs of sunglasses that’ll transform your look

Beat the heat and bear the glare with our pick of the smartest sunnies on sale

As the weather becomes moderately agreeable for a few weeks, it’s high time to kit yourself out with a new pair of sunnies. But what should you go for? Well, that depends on who you want to be. We’ve picked out 11 looks and the sunglasses that’ll help you achieve them.

Descriptions for each image run from top to bottom.

Act One

The Festival Bro – Antony Morato White Out
£40 (S$83),

It’s late July. You’re hot, dehydrated and hopelessly hungover, you’ve subsisted on nothing but Pringles and overpriced Tuborg for three days and your entire lower body is caked in dried mud – but you don’t care, because you’re wearing these and you’re in a yurt watching a dreadlocked Bristolian play the best bongos you’ve ever heard. #bliss

The Carnival King – Oakley Frogskin
£90 (S$187),

Oakley’s Frogskins are classic sunglasses and these yellow-lensed stunners are the ideal choice for anyone who demands attention. Best used to accessorise a day-glo string vest, a can of Red Stripe and a box-fresh pair of Jordans.

The Skate Punk – Adidas Originals Malibu

£75 (S$156),

Perch the Malibus on your face and you’ll be of a mind to pull some sick ollies, grinds and fishbones (did we get that right?) in the nearest drained swimming pool.

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