Stuff Weekend: Float in an isolation tank, experience real nightlife at the Singapore Night Festival, and watch the new Sin City

Got nothing planned this weekend? We might have a few ideas…

The weekend: two precious days of leisure pursuits. Running out of ideas on how best to fill them? Don’t fret. Stuff Weekend is here to rescue you from the depths of boredom. 

Experience this now: Palm Beach Float Club

Want to clear your mind? There’s no better way than to indulge in a session at Singapore’s only float club. Pick from a 60 or 90 minute floating session in buoyant Epsom salt water while enclosed in a soundproof and lightproof tank to completely empty your mind and recharge. Relaxing or claustrophobic? Check out our Stuff Experience below to find out more.

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Watch this now: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

It’s been a long time coming for this sequel to the 2005 Sin City, but hey, better late than never. Based on the second book in the graphic novel series, the thriller is a compilation of little stories that piece together the loaded atmosphere of the crazy that is Sin City. Expect a star-studded cast with the likes of regulars Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, newcomers like Jeremy Piven and even Lady Gaga.

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Watch this now: Lucy

Well, well, what do you think of this plot twist? A drug mule (played by Scarlett Johansson) absorbs the drugs she’s carrying for the mob and turns into a superhuman in this Luc Besson film. Her powers include being able to move things telepathically, absorb knowledge immediately, and is immune to pain. But kids, don’t try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter.

Be there now: Singapore Night Festival

The annual night festival is back for the seventh year running. For this weekend and next, the city that doesn’t really sleep is set to buzz with even more light and life. Catch art installations, photography exhibitions, and even a pole-dancing performance (in the name of art). If you take any photos during the events, remember to hashtag #SGNIGHTFEST.

Hear this now: The Golden Echo by Kimbra

You’d know of this New Zealand artist from the frequent radio play her collaboration with Gotye received - Somebody That I Used to Know. But the underrated songstress has actually been making music since 2010, great-sounding music that has been compared to the likes of Florence & The Machine and Nina Simone. Take a listen of her album's first single - the electric 90s Music that also features Muse’s Matt Bellamy and Mark Foster of Foster the People.

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